Unable to use KAV (Kaspersky) user interface from remote control session


When remote controlling an agent with KAV client (Kaspersky) installed, it is not possible to access the KAV user interface. The window opens, but it's unresponsive.



KAV has a feature called "Self Defense" which blocks access from third party programs. This feature is enabled by default in the KAV profile to prevent malicious programs from changing AV protection settings.





If Kaseya has patch version or higher, adding the remote control executable to trusted application exclusions in the KAV profile will by-pass the Self Defense feature.

An alternative work-around is to temporarily switch off the "Self Defense" feature in the AV profile when access to KAV UI is needed in remote session.




Kaseya Remote Control (KRC)

Kaseya Anti-Virus (KAV)

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