When doing a remote control session through KRC, the image appears "blurry" or "fuzzy"

When doing a remote control session through KRC, the image appears "blurry" or "fuzzy"

There are 2 reasons for this.

In KRC the image that you see is the image that would be displayed on the monitor plugged in to the remote machine.
If the remote machine has an 800x600 screen resolution, then you will see an 800x600 resolution image.
KRC does allow you to resize the window, but it cannot change the resolution.
The result of this is that the image becomes blurry. If you imagine an 800x600 jpg, and then stretch it to 1920x1080, then each pixel has to be stretched - you cannot create information that is not there.
This is not a KRC issue. If you resize the local KRC window, to exactly match the remote screen resolution, you will see a pretty close pixel to pixel mapping, but as you make the local window bigger and bigger, the fuzziness increases.

The other reason for the "fuzziness" is due to the codec that is used for the video transfer. This codec is optimised for speed.
Each remote control tool uses different methods to compress and send the video over the network. Some are built for clarity - when bandwidth is not a concern, others are optimised for speed.
In the case of KRC, speed is important, and due to the nature of the customers of Kaseya, bandwidth can often be an issue - KRCing to  laptops over a 3G connection, connecting to machines all over the world.
For this reason, a reduction in quality is preferable to pixel for pixel mapping. You can think of KRC as a video stream over the internet. When streaming a video from youtube, you do not expect BluRay quality. Technically you can stream 1080p pixel for pixel  quality over the internet, but the bandwidth requirements are 100x higher, about 10Mbps versus 100Kbps for highly compressed video of the same size.

Please note that RDP is a completely different technology and cannot be compared to the KRC type remote control

This is the way the system is designed.


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