Kaseya Remote Control (KRC) increases the CPU and memory consumption


When using Kaseya Remote Control (KRC) it increases the CPU and memory consumption of dwm.exe and KaseyaRemoteControlHost.exe


The size of the dwm.exe process is controlled by the number of windows that are open, since each window requires a buffer in memory to store the contents of the window. Also if there are multiple windows open dwm.exe will consume more memory. Different dwm.exe processes are created when multiple users are connected to a server's desktop at the same time. This increases the overall consumption. When starting a KRC session KRC connects to a session that is already opened or creates a new if there are no sessions opened at the time. This causes the overall consumption of CPU and memory to increase primarily for the process KaseyaRemoteControlHost.exe.

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Kaseya VSA 7.0 and later

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