Remote Control policies and private sessions


1) does user Notification Policy apply when starting a private Remote Control (KRC) session?

2) if a user is logged onto an agent from a private Remote Control (KRC) session, must that user provide permission for other Kaseya users to remote control the same agent?



Question 1

Yes, Notification Policy applies to private sessions.

Question 2

No, only the console user is prompted to provide permission for remote control sessions.

If there is no user logged onto the console, but one or more users are logged in from KRC private session or Windows terminal services, policies will be applied this way: -

  • if Machine Policy or User Role Policy is set to "If user logged in ask permission", session will be automatically approved
  • if Machine Policy or User Role Policy is set to "Require permission", session will be rejected

NB - Machine policy takes precedence over user role policy.


Applies to

Kaseya VSA - R8 and later

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