KRC session fails with "Errors occurred while creating session token" message

When trying to establish a KRC connection from Internet Explorer, you see the message "Errors occurred while creating session token"

This situation occurs when the URI used to launch Remote Control viewer is longer than the maximum limit for the browser.

This will usually occur if the logged in Kaseya username and/or the Kaseya agent name, is long.

For example, if you are trying to KRC to a machine with an agent name of

or if the login for Kaseya that the user has is long

The problem has been documented.

The following workarounds may be used: -

  • use a different web browser (neither Chrome nor Firefox are affected by this problem)
  • change either of the above mentioned items, so that they are shorter than 38 character.

This article will be updated when a permanent solution is available.


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