How do I check the machine's "Agent Procedure Log" when a procedure fails?


You have scheduled a procedure to run on a machine, and it has completed. The procedure completed with a FAIL and you see a message similar to:

ScriptName failed in THEN step 5
Check the Agent Procedure Log for additional details


There are many reasons that a procedure can fail, from a simple typo or file not found, to a more complex problem with the logic of a procedure.

When an Agent Procedure fails, the reason for this is recorded in the Agent Procedure Log.

Understanding why the procedure failed is 95% of the way to fixing it.


This is not a problem per-se. It is the procedure engine's way of logging failures.

To see the cause of the issue:

1. Browse to the Agent Tab -> Agent Logs page
2. Select the Agent in question
3. Select the Agent Procedure Log
4. Search for the error message to see a more detailed explanation of the failure message

It can also be useful to look at the "Agent Log" as this also records certain error messages.

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