Procedures show as pending approval

You  have written an agent procedure. When trying to run this, you receive the message
"Agent procedure could not be run because it is either not signed or not approved, or both."

In version 7 and above, agent procedures must be approved by a master admin before they can be executed - this is a security feature. Procedures written by master admins are automatically approved.

If the procedure was written by a standard admin, ask a master admin to sign in, go to the Agent Procedures -> Approval page and approve the procedure.
If there is nothing listed as pending approval, then it is possible that the procedure has already been approved, but has been modified since approved.

A master admin can simply edit the procedure, and re-save it for the approval to be re-set.

If the procedure is a system one, it may be that the automatic approval process that ran at the time of the upgrade did not complete successfully or completely, leaving some system procedures unapproved.

If this is the case, the kaseya support team can help resolve this by re-starting the background procedure to re-approve these procedures. Please raise a support ticket referencing this KB article and this can then be corrected for you.

If this does not resolve the issue, please raise a support ticket letting us know that you have performed the steps in this article

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    Markus Schuller


    this security Feature is not useful for us. Admins should create and modify Agent proceudres if they are allowed through their user role. So please Change this to a user role Feature.

    Best Regards,


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    Jacob White



    I am having a similar issue. I have already approved all the scripts but I am still running into this error:

    " Agent procedure could not be run because it is either not signed or not approved, or both "
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    Joshua Roybal

    I agree with Markus.  A master admin is not always available, I should be able to set who and who can not approve scripts. 

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    Chuck Nusbaum

    I agree as well...enabling this to be a function that other non-master users can perform would be extremely helpful.

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