I need to create an Agent Procedure - What are the next steps?


What resources are available to assist in creating Agent Procedures?


Kaseya University

You can access Kaseya University by logging into the KaseyaOne portal and clicking the Kaseya University link on the left navigation menu. If you access your Kaseya University account through login with KaseyaOne, you will be brought right to your learner dashboard. The course catalog will reflect the modules for which you have been assigned Kaseya University training courses, provided your Master user selected the courses from the Kaseya University Courses drop-down control when adding you as a KaseyaOne user; otherwise, the course catalog field will be empty. To rectify this, contact your Master user to modify your user settings.


Kaseya University has a lot of training material with videos that explain how Kaseya works and is a great starting point for learning to get the most out of Kaseya.

Rather than someone just writing the procedure for you, if you learn to write the procedures, then you can do anything that you want in future.

The Kaseya Forums


This is a place where fellow Kaseya users write and share procedures that they have written. If you do a search you will often find that lots of people have written procedures to do the task that you require and have shared them.

You often find that they have done some extra bits that may not have occurred to you, but add great value.

Check the Sample Procedures in Kaseya

Agent Procedures Tab -> Schedule / Create -> search

Although Kaseya does not include a procedure for everything, there are many sample ones that you can either use directly, or modify to suit your needs.

Kaseya Professional Services

If you simply don't have the time to do this yourself, and need a Kaseya professional to do the work for you, this can be arranged, however there is a cost associated with this.

This would be done a project basis, where a statement of work would be drawn up, with details of what the job entails, and so on.

The Kaseya Professional Services team member would complete the work and give you all the documentation at the end.

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