How To: Load Kaseya Sample Scripts Into VSA


How to Load Kaseya Sample Scripts Into VSA?



The Kaseya Sample Scripts are a set of agent procedures that show the capabiliies of the Agent Procedure Module. However, a lot of these sample scripts are used by customers for things such as disk clean up, temp log deletion, etc.


These scripts are located within the Shared folder in Agent Procedure>Manage Procedures>Schedule/Create



If you do not see these scripts, first confirm that your user has access to view these procedures by reviewing your user's Role Access Rights:




If you do have access and can still not see these procedure, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to System>Orgs/Groups/Depts/Staff>Manage
  2. Create a new, temporary Machine Group.
  3. Once created, click on the new machine group and click on the Systems Management tab. Afterwards, click on the configure icon. This will start the wizard to load various sample items onto the VSA:
  4. For the sake of this KB, I will be skipping over all other options and only load Sample Agent Procedures:
  5. Press Next
  6. Check the box "Enable Weekly Workstation Maintenance for this Organization" and click Next
  7. Click Next
  8. Click Finish. This will close the wizard, it will take a few minutes for the process to load the scripts. You will know it is finished when a green check appears next to Workstation Maintenance:
  9. Afterwards, you should see the sample scripts in the shared folder


Note: If you had seen these procedures on your VSA before and they are no longer there, Make sure the following boxes are checked in System>Server Management>Configure:



If the issue does not resolve, attempt to re-apply database schema.

If that also fails, please open a ticket with Support.


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