How do I run an Agent Procedure that could take longer than 2 hours?


Kaseya currently has a time limit of 2 hours on Agent Procedures because procedures run synchronously on each machine, and a running procedures will block the execution of subsequent procedures until it finishes. If a procedures takes longer than 2 hours, Kaseya will force the procedures to time out.

How do I design a Agent Procedures that initiates an action that could take longer than two hours so that it won't block other procedures from running?


You should end up writing two Agent Procedures:

Agent Procedure A initiates the action (such as defrag.exe) that takes a long time using the Execute File command, and either Execute as system and continue immediately, or Execute as user and continue immediately. It then executes Agent Procedure B in 15 minutes time.

Agent Procedure B checks whether the application (defrag.exe in the example) is still running. If it is, the Then step is used to Execute Agent Procedure B again in 15 minutes time. If it is not running, then the Else step should be used to complete whatever actions are required after the application has finished.


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