Why are Agent Procedures failing with errors?


Agent Procedures fail with the error below in the Agent Procedure History:

ERROR: execFile() timed out waiting for C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe to complete.

The procedure is taking longer than the default timeout of two hours to complete.

This could be one of two possible issues:

a) The procedure is waiting on user input, has insufficient rights, or is otherwise pausing before completing correctly.

b) The procedure takes longer than the default of two hours to run.


Diagnose why the procedure is taking longer than two hours to run.

The procedure may require that the user be logged onto the machine to respond to user input. You should change the IF- condition of the procedure to ensure that the user is logged in, or modify the procedure so that user input is no longer required.

The procedure may require that the correct credentials are bound to it in order to execute.

The procedure actions may take longer than two hours to complete. In this instance, break down the procedure into sub procedures, each of which takes less than two hours to complete, and then run the procedures in sequence, checking that each procedure has completed before initiating the next procedure.

The procedure may be waiting on a resource that is never freed correctly, such as a file being closed in order to write to it. You should check within the procedure logic whether the resource is free and have the procedure fail in the event that the resource is in use.

The procedure runs synchronously, and may be able to run asynchronously by launching separate processes to complete procedure actions. In this instance, you should subdivide the procedure up, and wait on completion of the asynchronous processes before running the next procedure.


It is possible to modify the two hour timeoutvalue, but you must configure this directly in the Kaseya server DB. The db field is "serverInfo.execTaskTimeoutSec". If NULL, then the default is 7200 seconds (i.e. 2 hours). You may configure this to a larger value, i.e. 14400.

This value is read when the Kserver is restarted.

Note that increasing this timeout value will increase the time that the Kaseya agent waits before ending a procedure which is non-responsive for any of the other reasons listed above. For this reason, you should only modify this value in exceptional circumstances.


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