Latency Patching Windows 7 Machines

NOTE:  This information was provided by a member of the Kaseya Community and may not be applicable to all situations or installations.  This information may not apply to all systems displaying latency with patching.  

5/16/2016 Update:  The Patch community-at-large is reporting a recurrence of this issue as noted in the post here:  Admins are advised to research the issue to determine whether experience observed might or might not be addressed by the suggestions made in this article.


Problem:  When attempting to patch Windows 7 machines, the process takes excessively long.  In the Kaseya VSA, the patches may show as Pending for long periods of time and/or may never reflect as installed.  Running the Windows Update Client via the workstation's Control Panel also results in significant latency.


Cause:  Microsoft has reported issues with memory leaks with Windows 7 machines.  Several patches have been released to address the issue, though there appears to have been some recurrences of the issue first reported in 2014 or 2015.  Another patch to address the memory leak and latency issues was released in April, 2016.  Latency of the Windows Update Agent (WUA) will affect Kaseya Patch processes as KPatch directly leverages WUA for patch scans and some or all installations (depending on the file source configuration).


Resolution:  Install the Microsoft patch designed to address this issue.  KB3102810 has been superseded by KB3138612.  KB3138612 has been superseded by KB3145739.  To address the latency issues seen with the Windows Update Agent (WUA), ensure patch KB3145739 is installed on systems.  Kaseya recommends deploying this patch using the Patch Update process or installing the patch locally/manually rather than relying on the Automatic Update process to ensure the patch is installed as soon as possible and separate from other patches.  In most cases, this should prevent additional delays in installation.  

It is important to note that while the latency of patching may be seen via Kaseya VSA, in these particular instances the issue is cause by a fault in the underlying Operating System, patches, and utilities leveraged by Kaseya.  A web search may provide additional information regarding the issues with Windows 7, memory leaks, and patch installation delays.

If you have ongoing issues, please open a ticket with Kaseya Support at

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