Patch installs failed due to malformed email format in Reboot Action policy


When installing patches to certain agents, Patch status is not automatically updated (but it may show as "installed" after running a new patch scan).

Agent procedure log shows the following error during patch install process: -


4:51:07 pm 7-Sep-15 $inst$ptc0$ebd-080.root.ebd *System*
Script Summary: Failed loading THEN steps
4:51:07 pm 7-Sep-15 $inst$ptc0$ebd-080.root.ebd *System*
FAILED to load the THEN steps for $inst$ptc0$ebd-080.root.ebd (ID = 244161843). Error: Invalid Script Variable Name Size (step 7)



Reboot Action policy is configured to send an email if reboot needed to complete a patch scan.

The body of the email contains HTML code (example below).




Remove the HTML from the email body, or click Default button.

Applies to

Kaseya VSA - all versions

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