KB2830477 Won't Install


  • KB2830477 fails to install on all machines. Agent procedure logs contains error "<agent> does not have a patch log for KB2830477"
  • When checking failed patches under Patch management - > Patch Status, It shows that patch KB2830477 has failed to install. When checking locally on managed endpoints patch has already been installed successfully.
  • KB2830477 is installed locally on the endpoint but the patch is marked as failed in Kaseya Patch Management. 


Microsoft released a bad patch initially. 


  • Go to Patch Management - > Patch Parameters - > and remove the download link for all versions of KB2830477
  • Let Automatic Update run its normal patch process and the patch will then be detected as installed in Kaseya

Applies to

Kaseya VSA - V6.3 and above

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