Why didn't my KB override apply to my clients endpoint?


I applied a KB override to a patch. It worked properly on all my organizations but one. This one organization ignored the KB override. Why did it do this?


There was no patch policy assigned to the machine


A KB override sets overrides of the default approval status of patches set using the 'Approval by Policy'. What this means is that you can set a patch to always be denied or approved for all patch policies. A KB Override only applies if a Patch Policy is assigned to an endpoint.

For example, if you set patch KB123456 with a default approval status of denied and then schedule patching on a machine that has no patch policy AND a patch scan detected this patch, then Kaseya will attempt to install the patch on this endpoint.

To resolve the issue and to enforce the KB override, simply assign a patch policy to a machine via the Patch Management > Membership page.


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