Why did my machine reboot twice after a patch cycle?


Why did my machine reboot twice after a patch cycle? I didn't configure any Initial Update to run.


There was 1 or more patches that needed a reboot in order to be installed

Kaseya will bundle together multiple patches into a single script.  However, any patch flagged as requiring a reboot will get its own install script.  Each install script will follow a reboot action after the script finishes.  The next install script will fire after the reboot, continue with installations, and reboot at the end of that install script.

Let’s say you have three patches, each one has been flagged by MS as requiring a reboot.  The patch cycle will include three install scripts.  The preliminary patch scripts (verify credentials, etc.) will run, the first patch will be downloaded, the patch will be executed, then the reboot action will fire.  After the reboot, a re-scan will run, the second patch will be downloaded and executed, then rebooted according to the reboot action.  That reboot is followed by a re-scan, download and install of the third patch, then a final reboot action and re-scan.  This final re-scan completes the cycle.  However, if none of the three patches are flagged as requiring a reboot, Kaseya will bundle all three patches into a single install script.  The patches will download, execute, reboot action will fire, then the post-reboot re-scan will close out the cycle.

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