Troubleshooting Failed Patch Installations


My patches are failing to install. What can I do to troubleshoot why they failed?


Patches can fail to install for a variety of reasons. This KB article will address specifically patches that fail to install when the File Source is set to 'Download from Internet'.

Here are the steps:


1). Go to the Patch Management > Patch Status page and locate the 'Failed Patch' column. I clicked on the number and a new window pops up listing the patches that failed on the machines. Make a note of which patch you selected.

2). On this new window click on one of the patches that failed and a new window pops up with specific details about the patch.

3). Locate the Update Identifier row and copy top row of the Update Identifier. It is highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below


4). Now, open the WindowsUpdate.log file directly from the machine within the C:\Windows directory. You can also obtain this file through Remote Control > FTP, KLC > File Manager, or Agent Procedures tab > Get File.

5). Within the WindowsUpdate.log file, scroll all the way to the bottom as the newest results are written to the bottom. Once at the bottom start a search (CTRL + F). Paste the Update Identifier obtained in Step 3 here and search up. You'll eventually find a note specifying specifically why the patch failed.

For my machine I used, the patch KB2833941 and found the patch failed with the following message.

REPORT EVENT: {EF35E621-C34A-46A3-AB55-BFAF7490332C}     2014-09-10 03:14:34:610-0600     1     182     101     {343E12E8-8772-4A72-9982-570122E959DB}     203     80070643     KPtchMgt2     Failure     Content Install     Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070643: Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 x86 (KB2833941).

This is a very specific message that will require some research through Microsoft.  What you really need is the Microsoft Update error code. In this case, the error code is 0x80070643.

You can then reference this link on the Microsoft support websites to detail specifically why this patch failed and follow their steps to resolve the issue with this particular patch.
Applies To
Kaseya VSA - All version - Kaseya Patch Management

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