How do I install a patch on a machine that is not being detected by Kaseya?

Issue: I have a few machines where I would like to install a particular patch on but the patch is not being detected by Kaseya. How do I add this patch to Patch Management and install it on all these machine?

Cause: Kaseya's Patch Management solution only detects and installs patches that the local Windows Update API tells us that the machine needs. So, if the Windows Update API does not detect a particular patch, we cannot install it.

Fix: Although you cannot add a patch to the Patch Management module, you can still install a patch through our Agent Procedures > Installer Wizards > Patch Deploy section.


When utilizing the Patch Deploy wizard, simply follow the instructions to create the procedure. Depending on the patch you are trying to install, you may need to create a procedure for each individual operating system type as not all patches are compatible with all operating systems.

For additional help on creating these procedures, please reference our user guide on how to do so.


Applies to: VSA 9.3, 9.4, 9.5.

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