What are these emails being send to patchnotification@kaseya.com


I regularly see emails being sent out to patchnotifcation@kaseya.com. What does this do?


The email notification are part of the back-end process that allows Kaseya to gather patch details. When a patch scan on an endpoint in your environment discovers a new patch (new to your environment), a notification is sent to Kaseya to includes some detail regarding the newly discovered patch. That detail is used by Kaseya to gather the download location (when available) of the individual patch. If Microsoft has published a distributable .exe, .msi, or .msu  for this newly discovered patch, Kaseya will gather this download location and provide it to a Kaseya master file. This file is downloaded to every Kserver every four hours. Without the download location, patches will remain with the flag "Internet Based Install only".

As this process runs on all Kaseya servers and patch scans are run regularly for most/all Kaseya customers (based on each environment's configuration), we capture many duplicates. If we are not capturing this data from one Kaseya installation, we are likely getting the same information from another system. Therefore, not receiving these emails from a server (from Kaseya's perspective) is not an issue. Most customers elect to provide this information, but you can opt out of this process if you choose. There are actually several options:


1. Ignore the notifications and do nothing. This will not harm your server, the services provided, or any function of Kaseya. However, this does lead to 'noise' with the failure notifcations.
2. Whitelist the address wuapatch@kaseya.com to allow these addresses to send from your email server to Kaseya
3. Opt out of sending the notifications to Kaseya (System > Configure > uncheck the 'Enable invalid Patch Location Notifcations' option)

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