How to prevent machines from rebooting in the middle of the day


My server rebooted in the middle of the day because of Patch Management. How can I prevent this from happening again?


Server are incredibly important and patch scheduling on these should be taken with great care. For servers, we recommend that customers use the option to reboot the machine on a specific day of the week. This way, if patching occurs in the middle of the day, it will not reboot immediately but instead wait to reboot the machine till the day specified.

For example, a machine is set to reboot Saturday at 11:00 pm. If Automatic Update occurs on Monday at 1:00 pm, the machine will not reboot till the coming Saturday at 11:00 pm.

Additionally, a user can choose to reboot the machine immediately via the Patch Management > Patch Status page by click on the 'Reboot Now' button.

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