Unsupported Patch Classifications: Definition Updates (i.e., MS Defender, MS Forefront) and Device Drivers

Definition Updates:



Patch Management does not include definition updates for programs such as Windows Defender or MS Forefront.  There are 2 reasons for this:

1) when MS delivers an updated definition file, it is imperative that the client get that update as soon as possible. The Forefront and Defender clients can be configured to automatically pull down updated definition files as soon as they become available.  This is how all anti-virus packages handle their definition updates.  Using Kaseya Patch Management to perform this function would introduce significant delays due to the patch approval process and the fact that automatic updates are typically run weekly.

2) supporting the definition files could add a lot of extra effort by customers trying to use the patch approval process due to the potential volume of the definition files.

We recommend that customers configure their Windows Defender and MS Forefront clients to automatically pull down definition file updates just as they would for any other anti-virus client.

Device Drivers:

Regarding Device Drivers, Kaseya does not currently support this type of patch.  Historically this has been the case because Microsoft has not provided stand-alone installers for patches with this classification.  However, we are planning to incorporate Device Drivers as a supported type in a future release of the Kaseya product.  These patches will be tagged as internet-based install only, meaning that the update must be installed using the Windows Update Agent (which Kaseya leverages).  Additional details regarding the functionality and restrictions for device drivers will be released once the product includes this enhancement.

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