Patch Management > File Source page displays warning message regarding the UNC path and audit results


On the Patch Management > File Source page, you see the following notification for some endpoints:

From \\server\Patch\ (on server.root.myOrg at c:\patch\ via system server) - To temp drive/directory - Do not delete
The UNC path and/or local directory differ from that reported by Audit - Disk Shares. Please verify the UNC path and local directory!


This notification is informational and indicates that there may be a configuration issue with the file source you have defined.  The information manually entered as the UNC path and/or local directory does not match a valid share according to Audit results for the LAN Share machine.  This can be due to an incorrect configuration in the file source (most commonly a typo) OR it may be because an Audit has not been run on the LAN share machine since the share was created on the server.



  1. Ensure the File Source configuration is correct (no typos) and valid (the share name and local folder exist on the selected file source).  Edit if necessary.
    1. With the example listed in the symptoms section of this article, the share was defined as “Patch” with a local folder of “c:\patches”. 
    2. However, Audit returns that the endpoint does not have a share matching this definition.  Rather, Audit reports the share name of “Patches” with a local folder of “c:\patches”. 
    3. Editing the File Source configuration to the actual share name and folder resolves the error:
  2. If the configuration is correct, navigate to Audit > Machine Summary, select the endpoint identified as the LAN Share machine, and select the Hardware tab then the Disk Shares tab. 
  3. If you do not see the share, run a Latest Audit on the machine you have identified as the LAN Share using the Audit function
  4. Share information will be updated when Audit completes.  If the issue was caused because Audit data was out-of-date, running the Audit will resolve the error on the Patch Mgmt > File Source page.

Note:  This informational notification will NOT prevent patch processes from proceeding.  The intention of this notification is to bring attention to a possible configuration issue, but this notification alone will not stop patch processes from running on schedule.  However, if there IS a configuration issue that is not addressed, patch installations may fail.

Applies To:

This information applies to Kaseya Server version 6.3 and later.

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