Patch Test Fails


  • Agent Procedure log reports, "FAILED in processing THEN step 3, Execute File, with error Invalid executable file, %WorkingDirectory%\kPmChk.exe"
  • Patch Management > Patch Status shows "Patch file failed to download" or "Patch file failed to execute" after running patch test.


The Patch Test simulates the installation of a patch file by using the machine's configuration that includes:

  • The Working Directory as configured on the Agent > Working Directory page (or "Temp Directory" for 5x users)
  • The patch file source as configured on the Patch Mgmt > File Source page

Troubleshooting the failure:

  1. Check the working directory for a file called kPmChk.exe.  If this file exists, delete it.  Then re-run the patch test.  If the file does not exist, skip to step 3.
  2. If the patch test continues to fail AND the endpoint is configured to use a LAN Share or the System Server as its patch file source, delete kPmChk.exe from the LAN share or KServer and re-run the patch test on the endpoint.
  3. If the endpoint is configured to use a file share of "From Internet...", log into the endpoint as the account defined in Agent > Set Credential and attempt to browse to the following website:  Either a file should download successfully OR the web browser should display an error indicating why the page is not accessible.  Most often, the page is not accessible (or the .exe download is disallowed) due to network infrastructures such as a web filter, firewall rules, or a proxy.  
  4. If the kPmChk.exe file downloads successfully, save (or move) the file to the Working Directory and then execute the file.  One of two text files should create kPmChk.txt OR kPmChk-bad.txt.  If kPmChk.txt creates, delete kPmChk.exe and kPmChk.txt from the working directory and re-run the patch test within the VSA.  IF kPmChk-bad.txt creates, review the file for indication of the failure.  If you are unable to locate the cause, please open a ticket with Kaseya Support and attach the kPmChk-bad.txt file to the ticket.

Run the test again, and it should be re-downloaded. If there is still a problem there may be network or permission problems preventing the download, and in this case, Patch installs will most likely fail as well.

Applies To
Kaseya Patch Management (all versions)

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