Patch Test Remains in Pending Status


Patch Test Remains in Pending Status



This often occurs when the file source is not responsive to an endpoint’s patch test requests. A patch test includes the following steps:

  • Verify local credentials
  • Verify network credentials (if defined in Agent > Set Credential)
  • Get a test patch from the file source (Patch Management > File Source)
  • If the file source is defined as “Download from internet”, the test patch is retrieved from
  • If the file source a LAN share, the test patch is downloaded from the share defined in Patch Management > File Source
  • If the file source is defined as the system server, the test patch is downloaded from the Kaseya server
  • Write that test patch to the endpoint’s defined working directory
  • Execute the test patch

When a patch test remains in pending, it is often hanging because it is waiting to “get” the test patch.  If the file source is unavailable, patch test will return with a status of Failed.  However, if the file source is available, the endpoint will request the test patch and wait (appearing to hang) until the test patch is provided.

When a LAN share is defined as the file source, the endpoint requests the test patch.  At that time, a “get” script is run on the LAN share to retrieve the test patch from its file source (the internet or the KServer).  If the file share cannot get that test patch, the Get script fails.  However, this is not reported back to the endpoint.  The endpoint waits until the file share serves the test patch.  Therefore, when patch test remains in Pending for an endpoint and the file source is defined as a LAN share, it is necessary to investigate the LAN share for any issues.


Troubleshooting the file source

  1. Run a patch test on the LAN share defined as the file source.  If patch test is successful, the issue lies between the endpoint and the file share
  2. Check the Agent Procedure Log (aka Script Log in VSA 6.0.1 and earlier) for errors
  3. If an error with a Script name beginning $get is present, determine the reason for failure (the error will note the reason the script failed)
  4. Cannot write file/cannot execute file: 
  5. The account defined in Agent > Set Credentials may not have authority to write the file to the directory.  Verify credentials are configured properly on the endpoint (refer to KKB000733)
  6. The path defined as the share may be invalid.  Ensure the full path exists (check for missing folders, incorrect drive letters, typos, etc.)
  7. Path does not exist:  verify path defined in Patch Management > File Source is a valid path
  8. Cannot access download source:  verify access to KServer or internet.  For Patch Test, the endpoint MUST be able to reach  Ensure this website is not restricted by firewall, proxy, policy, or other security applications/settings.
  9. Once the settings have been verified, cancel any pending Patch Tests on the LAN share and re-run patch test. (You must first cancel the pending test to clear out that procedure.  Otherwise the newly scheduled patch test will get stuck behind the pending patch test.)

Once the LAN file share is able to complete patch test, cancel any Patch Test in a pending state on the endpoint(s) that require patching.  The status, once cancelled, should report at “Untested”.  Re-run patch test on the endpoint.  If patch test fails or remains in pending, check the Agent Procedure/Script log for errors. 

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please open a support ticket through your normal channels.



Set Credentials and Working Directory Permissions:  KKB000733




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