02/05/2024 Graphus Release Notes v5.06.16

This release includes new features and bug fixes.

New Feature

Require Log In with KaseyaOne

A new Require Log In with KaseyaOne feature has been added in Graphus. The feature forces MSP admin to log in with their KaseyaOne credentials to access Graphus by disabling their local Graphus login. 

However, with the User Exceptions dropdown field, you can define a list of users who will be able to log into Graphus via the local Graphus login.

Note: The feature applies only to MSP admin. When Require Log In with KaseyaOne is enabled, organization users (users with access to only one particular Graphus organization) will still be able to access Graphus via their local login. 

The Require Log In with KaseyaOne feature is available on the KaseyaOne >MSP Administration page. You must have enabled KaseyaOne Unified Login before enabling the Require Log In with KaseyaOne feature. 


For more details, see the article Require Log In with KaseyaOne.


  • A minor issue related to the pop-up message is now resolved. 

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