Enabling Require Log In with KaseyaOne

This article focuses on how DarkWeb ID ensures users login to the application with KaseyaOne Unified LogIn only. 


  • You must be a partner administrator for DarkWeb ID and KaseyaOne with valid login credentials for DarkWeb ID and KaseyaOne. If you don't have one, contact your administrator.
  • You should have implemented TWo-Factor Authentication (2FA) to DarkWeb ID and KaseyaOne.
  • You must have the same email address for DarkWeb ID and KaseyaOne accounts.
  • The Enable Log In with KaseyaOne toggle must be activated before enabling the Require Log In With KaseyaOne featureTo have the ability to turn on login to DarkWeb ID using KaseyaOne, you should have the following: 
    • KaseyaOne partner organization.
    • KaseyaOne user with master role.
    • DarkWeb ID partner organization.
    • DarkWeb ID user with partner administrator.  


Steps to enable the Require Log In With KaseyaOne

1. Log into DarkWeb ID and visit My Account > Organization Settings> KaseyaOne.

2. Activate Enable Log In With KaseyaOne. When the SSO toggle is enabled, all users from this KaseyaOne Partner (MME) Organization can log in to DarkWeb ID using K1 SSO.

3. Enable the Require Log In With KaseyaOne toggle button.

MicrosoftTeams-image (114).png

4. You can select a list of the organization’s users that appears users in the User Overrides dropdown field. This will allow users to continue logging into the application locally. 


You will see a selected number of users. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (116).png

Note: Disabling the Require Log In with KaseyaOne toggle doesn't affect your previously selected users; they remain saved as expected. 






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