Dark Web ID Integration with audIT

This guide is designed for users who want to enable integration with audIT. 

Integration Overview

This integration will allow you to run a Dark Web ID scan of your prospects or customers domains inside the audIT application. Once you receive your scan results, you can append the results, along with Dark Web ID benefits, directly to the audIT report.

Configure your Dark Web ID integration

To set up your integration, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on Integrations.


2. Click on the Dark Web ID Connect button.


3. Enter your credentials for Dark Web ID.

2.PNG4. Navigate to your audIT Report by choosing your desired Company and clicking Run Integrations.


5. Enter your prospects or customers domain:

  • Could you check the Only show results with hashed and plain text passwords (if you'd like)?
  • Please take a look at the acknowledgment of the Terms of Services Conditions.
  • Click on Search

4.PNG6. Your desired domain Dark Web ID scan results will appear. You can review the results and click on the <- next to the domain to close this sidebar, then X on the next sidebar.


7. To append the results to your audIT Report:

  • Complete your audIT Report (a report is completed once you complete a Summary Statement for all audIT Items and generate an overall audIT Score).
  • Click on the Reports menu tab.


8. Navigate to the Integrations area to see your report results. You can then choose if you would like to include the Dark Web ID Benefits page.


9. Print your audIT Report and review the results.


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