Set up Automatic User Creation for DarkWeb ID

Once you have enabled KaseyaOne Unified Login for your organization, you can automatically create DarkWeb ID user accounts for people without one, known as Just-In-Time (JIT) provisioning. This article focuses on how DarkWeb ID supports JIT settings with the Automatic User Creation feature on the KaseyaOne tab.


  • You must be a partner administrator for DarkWeb ID and KaseyaOne with valid login credentials for DarkWeb ID and KaseyaOne. If you don't have one, contact your administrator.
  • You should have implemented TWo-Factor Authentication (2FA) to DarkWeb ID and KaseyaOne.
  • You must have the same email address for DarkWeb ID and KaseyaOne accounts.
  • The Enable Log In with KaseyaOne toggle must be activated before the Automatic User Creation feature can be enabled. To have the ability to turn on login to DarkWeb ID using KaseyaOne, you should have the following: 
    • KaseyaOne partner organization.
    • KaseyaOne user with master role.
    • DarkWeb ID partner organization.
    • DarkWeb ID user with partner administrator.  

Note: When the SSO toggle is enabled, all users from this KaseyaOne Partner (MME) Organization can log in to DarkWeb ID using K1 SSO.

Additionally, you must select the default access role when using the Automatic User Creation functionality; this will be automatically assigned to the newly generated users.


When the Enable Log In With KaseyaOne toggle is enabled, all users from KaseyaOne can log into DarkWeb ID using KaseyaOne SSO. However, users with the following scenarios cannot log in: 

  •  If a user exists in the DarkWeb ID database but is inactive.
  •  If a user belongs to another Organization, they cannot use KaseyaOne SSO to log in. 
  • If a user belongs to an inactive organization (If you have an inactive organization, check your Organization status or DarkWeb ID Contract End Day).
  • If a user has only BullPhish ID subscription(s). 
  • If a user doesn't exist in the DrakWeb ID database and Automatic User Creation (JIT flow) is disabled. 

Important: If a user doesn't exist in DarkWeb ID but Automatic User Creation (JIT flow) is enabled, such users will be automatically created in the DarkWeb ID database with the appropriate user roles. 

Steps to enable the Automatic User Creation feature: 

1. Log into DarkWeb ID and visit My Account > Organization Settings> KaseyaOne.

2. Activate Enable Log In With KaseyaOne.

3. Activate the Enable Automatic User Creation toggle under the Automatic User Creation section.


4. Select the default DarkWeb ID user role you want to assign to each new user automatically


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