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Working with Password Policies

Passly has an integrated Password Manager that serves as your tenants built in secure storage for all infrastructure and personal passwords.

Password Manager uses AES256 to keep your data securely stored in Azure where it can be accessed from anywhere you need. 

Administrators & Vault Managers can create and modify Password Polices as needed.

Create New Policy

  1. Select Password Manager.
  2. Select Password Policy
  3. Select the blue +New button to create a new Policy. 
  4. Choose the Policy Name
  5. Select the Password length.

    Minimum: Minimum number of characters.
    Maximum: Maximum number of characters. 
  6. Select the desired Expiration Time. 
    Automatically Expire the Password after X days. Update the minimum number of days to use this feature. 

    Note: If there is no automation (Sync agent) assigned to the Password Reminders tab. 
  7. Select the Requirements for the Password. 
    Enable/Disable - At least one uppercase letter (e.g: A, B, C, D, E...)
    Enable/Disable - At least one lowercase letter (e.g: a, b, c, d, e...)
    Enable/Disable - At least one digit (e.g: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...)
    Enable/Disable - At least one special character (e.g: !, @, #, %...)
  8. Select Save Changes to save the settings.

Note Administrators should match their policy complexity requirements for the Passwords records being stored. For example "if" storing Active Directory Password with a Sync agent installed the Password policy needs to match the domain security policy in use. 

Edit an Existing Policy

  1. Select Password Manager.
  2. Select Password Policy
  3. Select the Policy you wish to Edit. 
  4. Update the settings as needed. 
  5. Select Save Changes to save the settings.

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