Managing Vaults in Password Manager

Passly has an integrated Password Manager that serves as your tenants built in secure storage for all infrastructure and personal passwords.

Password Manager uses AES256 to keep your data securely stored in Azure where it can be accessed from anywhere you need. 


Vaults are the container you use to store Passwords. You can create a Vault in an organization so that users may store shared passwords with your team.

Vaults use Directory Manager > Groups - Security groups for the permissions in Password Manager. Each user will need to be added to the group in order to receive Password Manager access. The groups can be used to provide different levels of access.

Vaults use Password Policies that can be managed & created for each Vault you use. See this guide for more information. 

Vault Creation


Create a Local Group following this guide or sync your groups from Active Directory or Azure Active Directory via this guide


See this guide for information on creating customer Password Policies for your Vaults. 

Create Vaults

  1. Select Password Manager.
  2. Select Vault Manager.
  3. Select the blue +New button.
  4. Enter the Vault Name
  5. Enter the Vault Description.
  6. Select the Password Policy 
  7. Select your first Security group, this will be initial group with Admin permissions.
  8. Select Add Vault to complete creating the Vault.

Manage an existing Vault

  1. Select Password Manager.
  2. Select Vault Manager.

Select the Vault Name you wish to manage.

Note: If you do not see the Passwords / Vault Information / Access Tabs your user account is not a member of a group added to the Admin permissions. To resolve this add your user to the correct group, log out and log back in. You should now see the tabs.


You can create folders within your Vaults to segment the passwords separately. 
Note: You set the permissions at the Vault level. You cannot restrict folder access within a Vault.


Here you can create and modify existing Vaults. 

Please see this guide for help creating Passwords. 

Vault Information 

Vault Name - This is the name displayed in the Vault Manager under the column "Vault Name"

From Vault Information MSP's you can change the organization the Vault is assigned to. 

Description - You can assign a description to each vault to help your team understand what credentials should be stored in that container. 

Organization - This lists the Organization that the Vault is a member of.

MSP's you can change the Organization for a Vault on this tab. 

Note: Before changing Organizations it is recommended that you update your permissions group membership before attempting to move the Org. 


Vault Access

  1. Changing Vault Permissions. Select Access to change the Groups assigned to the Vault.

  2. Select +Add Group to add a security group to assign permissions.
  3. Select the Group or Groups that you want to add to the Vault.
  4. Select Add to include the group.
  5. From here you can select the specific permission you want assigned to the security Group.

    Note: Simply select the permission group you want to add. If you place your mouse cursor over the headers you will see more information about the permissions.




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