Adding a Password Manager Sync Agent

Installing Password Manager Agents

Supported Windows Servers Operating Systems.

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Note: We do not recommend installation of this agent on consumer versions of Windows. 

Sync Agent Installation

  1. To install an agent, go to the list of Agents by navigating to Password Server -> Agents and click on the  Blue + in the bottom right.

    This will start the Password Agent Installation Wizard. The first screen is just an overview of the process for installing the agent.
  2. Select the icon to start the wizard. 
  3. Click on “Let’s Get Started” once you are ready to begin.
  4. Select Download Password Server Agent Installer.
    Next, you will download the agent installer. You will want to download this to the machine where you will be installing the agent. System requirements are outlined on the page, so confirm that the machine where you will be installing is able to host the agent.

    Note: Please do not close the browser with the installation wizard as you will need to enter additional information in Step 14.

  5. Install the Kaseya.PasswordServer.Agent.exe Agent on the desired Windows Server. 

  6. Agree to the Terms of and Conditions
  7. Select Install.

    Note: If you have have UAC (Universal Account Controls) you might need to run the installer elevated. 
  8. Select Close when prompted.
  9. Enter the HomeRealm you wish to sync. 
  10. Select Configure.
  11. Enter your Administrator / Vault Manager credentials to complete the installation of the on server agent. 
  12. Approve 2FA when prompted. 
  13. Select OK to close the agent installer. 
  14. This completes the on server installation portion. Return to the Setup wizard from Step. 4
  15. Select Next
  16. Select the Appropriate Organization
  17. Name the Agent

    Note: We recommend using the server name as the agent name. This will make finding the agent on server easier in the future. 
  18. Select Next
  19. Select Exit to complete the setup of the agent. 

This completes the Agent installation process. 


Editing Existing Agents

  1. Once a Sync Agent is deployed you can review it by navigating to Password Manager > Agents. 
  2. To edit a specific Agent select it by the name. 
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Update the Agent name if needed. 
  5. Update the Status if needed. 
  6. Select Save changes to commit any changes that occurred. 

Deleting the Agent

  1. Once a Sync Agent is deployed you can review it by navigating to Password Manager > Agents. 
  2. Select the Icon on the left of the agent you wish to delete.
  3. Use the selector at the top of the column.
  4. Select Delete to remove the agent.

    Note: Once an agent is deleted from the User interface there is no way to connect it with an installed agent. You will need to reinstall the agent in order to proceed with any new Syncing on this server. 
    Note: Deleting an agent will prevent passwords from syncing.

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