Change Organization Vault Membership

Passly has an integrated Password Manager that serves as your tenants built in secure storage for all infrastructure and personal passwords.

Password Manager uses AES256 to keep your data securely stored in Azure where it can be accessed from anywhere you need.  


MSP's (Managed Service Providers) can create sub-organizations by following this guide

Administrators can create a new Group under any organization by following this guide.

Vault Managers & Administrators can add Vaults following this guide

Users need to be in Active Status in order to login into a Passly tenant. 
Users need to be a member of a selected group to see their Vaults in My Passwords. 

Moving Vaults

MSP's you can change the Organization assigned to a Shared Vault following these steps.

  1. Select Password Manager.
  2. Select Vault Manager.
  3. Select Vault Information.
    Organization - This lists the Organization that the Vault is a member of.

    MSP's you can change the Organization for a Vault on this tab. 
  4. Test access to confirm that the Vault was migrated as expected. 
    - If users were members of the Group before the Vault was moved they will immediately  see the Vault post move in My Passwords. 
    - If users were not members of the Group prior to the change they will need to log-out and log-in before they see the Vaults.

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