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"RPC Server Unavailable" troubleshooting


Unable to discover WMI tests. When running the WBEMTEST tool from the DGE(x) to the device it returns with an error of 'RPC Server Unavailable'.


  • Verify wbemtest (from the DGE/x) is able to connect and issue queries to the remote host in question
  • If wbemtest is able to successfully connect to the remote host and issue queries, please open a support ticket so that we may be able to assist further
  • If wbemtest encounters "RPC Server Unavailable" please see the following article for items to review:
  • The WBEMTest should also return an ERROR code '0x123456', googling the error code will give you even more detail on the exact cause. 
  • e.g. ‘RPC server unavailable’ 0x800706BA                                    

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