Traverse Component Health page shows non-zero time offsets


The 'Superuser >> Health' page displays non-zero time offsets


For a properly configured Traverse system, the Component Health page (Superuser->Health) should show a Time Offset of zero for all Traverse servers.  For each server (DGE or DGE extension) with a Time Offset other than zero (whether positive or negative):


  • Stop all the Traverse components.
  • Configure the system clock to synchronize with an accurate source (e.g. NTP,  ESXi host via VMware Tools, etc.)
  • Ensure that the clock is set to the current time before proceeding.  Note that in some cases, synchronization may take a few minutes to correct the clock.
  • If the 'Time Offset' value displayed on the Component Health page was positive (+ve),  then wait at least that amount of time before restarting the Traverse components.
  • If the 'Time Offset' value was negative,  the Traverse components may be started immediately.

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