How to use Traverse test/getStatuses Web Service endpoint


How to use Traverse test/getStatuses Web Service endpoint?



The Traverse test/getStatuses Web Service endpoint provides the status and other details for the tests specified.  It may also be used to provide a list of tests that meet certain criteria.

For example, to list all tests with no Action Profile simply search for tests with an action profile serial number of '-1' by submitting the following request to the Web Service endpoint;

curl -k -i -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" -X POST -d @c:\post.txt http://traverse_server/api/json/test/getStatuses 

where the content of 'c:\post.txt' contains the request:


The output should be similar to this:

"suspended": false,
"testScheduleName": "Default Schedule",
"testScheduleSerialNumber": 440102,
"testInterval": 180,
"testType": "ping",
"departmentSerialNumber": 440093,
"departmentName": "Kaseya LLC",
"deviceSerialNumber": 890009,
"deviceName": "windows client 2",
"testSerialNumber": 890014,
"testName": "Packet Loss",
"testStatus": 134217728,
"testResult": 100,
"testResultStr": "100 %",
"units": "%",
"timestamp": 1490378320027,
"timestampStr": "10:58 AM",
"isStale": false,
"isNew": false,
"testDetailUrl": "/html5/TestDetails/launch.jsp?deviceSerialNumber=890009&testSerialNumber=890014&departmentName=Kaseya LLC",
"testUpdateUrl": "/common/updateTest.jsp?testId=890014&deviceId=890009&accountId=440093&accountName_=Kaseya+LLC&noNav",
"category": "network",
"duration": 41118085590,
"durationStr": "475 days 21:41",
"warningThreshold": "60",
"criticalThreshold": "100",
"thresholdType": "SEVERITY_ASCENDS",
"deviceDetailUrl": "/html5/DeviceDetails/launch.jsp?deviceSerialNumber=890009&departmentName=Kaseya LLC",
"deviceUpdateUrl": "/common/updateTargetDevice.jsp?deviceId=890009",
"suppressed": false,
"monitorInstance": "ping"

In Traverse 9.4 and later, you may also limit the fields included in the output. For example, the request;


will show these fields for each test (note Test Name is also included);

"departmentName": "ACME Inc",
"deviceName": "Traverse Server",
"testSerialNumber": 970006,
"testName": "Work Units Processed (WmiMonitor)"


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