Tip: Simulating test results - Traverse monitoring


I have a lab system and wish to simulate monitoring. I do not wish to have actual devices being monitored.


IMPORTANT: This is not meant to be attempted on a production system. This is meant to be implemented only if you have a lab system and you do not wish the lab system to monitor real devices.

Note that you would still need to set up devices and tests. There are various ways that can be done and we have a few articles on server migration that can be repurposed for this.

On the DGE and DGEX in question, in order that they do not actually perform true monitoring of the target devices, please make a backup and edit TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\dge.xml

Find the section:

<monitor type='message' class='com.zyrion.traverse.monitor.monitors.MessageHandlerMonitor'/>
<monitor type='edf' class='com.zyrion.traverse.monitor.monitors.ExternalTestResults'/>
<monitor type='ping' class='com.zyrion.traverse.monitor.monitors.NullMonitor'/>
<monitor type='nrpe' class='com.zyrion.traverse.monitor.agent.AgentMonitor'/>

and alter each of the class entries to:

<monitor type='message' class='com.zyrion.traverse.monitor.monitors.NullMonitor'/>
<monitor type='edf' class='com.zyrion.traverse.monitor.monitors.NullMonitor'/>
<monitor type='ping' class='com.zyrion.traverse.monitor.monitors.NullMonitor'/>
<monitor type='nrpe' class='com.zyrion.traverse.monitor.agent.NullMonitor'/>

and save the file dge.xml

Restart the Data Gathering component.


Once the simulation is complete, remember to stop all Traverse components and/or restore the original TRAVERSE_HOME\dge.xml file


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