Using Application Profiles to Bulk provision certain test types

Issue: You need to bulk provision certain test types to a number of devices at once



1) Application Represent to the department in question

2) Administration >> Other >> Custom Application Profiles >> Create New Application Profile

3) For 'Available Monitor Type(s)' select the device type. i.e. 'Windows Management Instrumentation' for Windows Servers or 'Simple Network Management Protocol' for Linux devices

4) Add the relevant test type you would like to add, (i.e. (wmi) Disk Space Available (WMI)) to the 'Selected Tests' field using the right arrow


5) Navigate to Administration >> Devices then select filters to list only the devices to be changed

6) Export the list for future reference. Top right 'Export to CSV'

7) Enable test parameter rediscovery in bulk across the set of devices.

Administration >> Devices >> Select Check boxes on the left hand side >> Pencil icon top right 


8) Scroll down and check 'Enable Test Parameter Rediscovery with the below settings, specifying the Custom Application profile you just created


9) Make sure to select 'Ignore' for updated and deleted tests and 'Add' for new tests
10)  Select 'Apply', after 30 minutes check for the newly discovered tests
11) Optionally, once you've finished applying the Custom Application profile, disable test parameter rediscovery on the set of devices

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