Disk Utilization Test (snmp) in Linux based machines

Outcome: Reported Disk Utilisation % in Traverse is NOT inclusive of 5% disc space reservation for root.


In Linux based machine there is normally 5% disc space reservation for root.

It is observed that Disk Usage % reported by command 'df' will be different from that is reported by snmp.


  •  explanation of 'Use%' of this command: 'df -h'
[krish.majumder@bigair ~]$ sudo df -h
[sudo] password for krish.majumder:
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/xvde        99G   75G   19G  80% /

Use% = (Size - Avail)/Size
80.80% = (99 - 19)/99

Note: Avail does not include 5% disc space reservation for root. This is evidenced by following calculation

(99 - 75 -19) = 5GB

  •  explanation of 'Use%' by snmp

Use% = Used / Size = 75 / 99 = 75.75% (Traverse will report this)


Further note: Why The Linux df Command Shows Lesser Free Disk Space?

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