BVE API: Escaping Special Characters

BVE API: Escaping Special Characters


How do I include special characters when using the BVE API

The BVE API allows you to access the provisioning database and real-time statistics over a TCP socket. You can connect to the BVE API through the PERL script located on the BVE server.


Through the CLI we can pass parameters for a variety of variables, if these variable values contain special characters, they need to be properly escaped for the command to run. For most special characters only a single backslash (\) is required before the special character.

e.g. 'testname=Disk \"C:\" Space Free'     (resolves as: Disk "C:" Space Free)

The only exception to this is the backslash special character which needs 2 backslashes to properly escape.

e.g. 'wmiProperty=\\\Win32_LogicalDisk:FreeSpace:DeviceID=\"C:\":'                                                                              (resolves as: \Win32_LogicalDisk:FreeSpace:DeviceID="C:":)



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