Some Kaseya Services 'StoppedByService' - On-Premise Customers Only.

Problem: After applying a Kaseya patch, or upgrading the KServer, I am getting the following notification in the UI (notification bar area). How can we fix this?


Possible Cause: The KServer believes that these Kaseya services are still installing, when in reality they are not; because the messageSysStatus value in the siteParams table is currently set to 1


  • Run this query via SQL Management Studio: 

USE ksubscribers
SELECT messageSysStatus FROM siteParams

  • Only if the above SELECT statement returns a 1, you'd set this value to 2, otherwise reach out to Kaseya Support.
  • You can set this value to 2 by running this query via SQL Management Studio:

USE ksubscribers
UPDATE siteParams
SET messageSysStatus = 2

  • Once this is set to 2, go ahead and make sure all Kaseya services are Started.
  • Verify if the notification no longer pops up in the VSA.  


Applies to: VSA 9.3, 9.4, 9.5.

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