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Remote Control rendering issues


Display issues with Live Connect remote control sessions:

  • The menu bar is not displayed
  • Remote desktop is not aligned with RC window
  • The mouse cursor on the remote machine is not aligned with the position on the admin machine


This may be caused by a hardware rendering problem.


The Kaseya Live Connect application can be configured to use software rendering by following the below steps:

  1. Make sure that your VSA is at patch or later and that your Live Connect application is up to date.
  2. Close all open Live Connect Windows
  3. Open Windows Explorer by pressing the 'Windows Key' + 'E'
  4. Go to this directory '%APPDATA%'
  5. If the 'Kaseya' folder doesn't exist, please create it
  6. Place the attached 'LiveConnect.ini' file in the '%APPDATA%\Kaseya' folder
  7. If the file already exists add the two lines below:




VSA R9.4 and above


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