Viewing Windows 10 Patch Updates


How do I view Windows 10 Patch Updates?


The Update History in Windows 10/2016 uses a cumulative view of all updates. The latest update includes all updates before it.

  • Windows 10/2016 Update History should be just used as a reference.
  • Windows 10/2016 Update History will also show failed attempts of updates.

To view a more detailed list of updates in Windows, grouped by when they were added, view the Installed Updates in Control Panel.

To view a more detailed list of updates, in the VSA, click one of the links under Installed Patches on the Patch Status page in Patch Management.

For Windows 10/2016 agents you will see a much more detailed list of installed patches, including the latest cumulative updates that include all previous updates.


For more information, see the Microsoft support article Windows 10 Update History.

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