How to provision Traverse WMI Query Daemon Statistics

The attached ZIP archive contains a script which may be used to both create a set of External Data Feed (EDF) tests to monitor the WMI Query Daemon, and also to populate those tests. A failure in the WMI Query Daemon may be detected by the test 'WMIQD:totalProcessedQueries' falling to a lower than normal value.

To enable the WMI QD Stats tests for a DGE extension (DGEx):

  • Save '' in the attached zip file to 'TRAVERSE_HOME\plugin\utils' on the BVE, and within a few minutes it will be copied to the DGE extensions
  • Create the EDF tests from a command prompt on the BVE:
cd TRAVERSE_HOME\plugin\utils --createtests --devicename "some-dgex" --deviceaddress "" --edfserver "" --edfuser superuser --edfpassword super_password --username=Traverse

Replace 'some-dgex' with the name of the DGEx as provisioned in Traverse, and 'Traverse' with the name of a user in the department where the DGEx device is provisioned.

  • Save sch_qd.xml in the attached zip file to 'c:\temp' (or other temporary location) on the DGEx.
  • Change the 'devicename' value near the end of the 'sch_qd.xml' to the name of the DGEx device.
  • From a command prompt on the DGEx, run this command to create a scheduled task at 5 minute intervals:
schtasks /create /ru SYSTEM /tn "Traverse WMI Query Daemon Stats" /xml sch_qd.xml
  • Within 5 minutes the WMI QD tests should begin reporting values.
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