Troubleshooting: Data Gathering Engine component does not remain in running state


Data Gathering Engine component does not remain in running state


Not all network packets from DGE(x) reach the BVE server. The issue of dropped packets can be viewed by capturing a packet dump at BVE and DGE(x) end simultaneously and then open it in Wireshark tool.

Log entries similar to the below will also be observed in DGE/DGEx logs:

2016-12-22 10:35:56,993 j.ClientConnection[JMS Connection-com.zyrion.traverse.jms.ClientConnection]: \(ERROR\
2016-12-22 10:36:17,088 m.n.Notifyee[Notifyee-TestResultGenerator: dge_name]: \(ERROR\
2016-12-22 10:37:23,116 m.n.Notifyee[Notifyee-Scheduler: dge_name]: \(ERROR\
2016-12-22 10:37:58,577 j.JMSConnection[JMS Connection-com.zyrion.traverse.jms.JMSConnection]: \(ERROR\
2016-12-22 10:38:29,499 j.DGEConnection[JMS Connection-com.zyrion.traverse.jms.DGEConnection]: \(ERROR\
2016-12-22 10:45:27,109 r.j.RemoteUpdateJMSConnection[CRC[dge_name]]: (ERROR\) Failed to connect to JMS service: Failover timeout of 30000 ms reached.
2016-12-22 10:45:29,686 c.NetVigilComponentReloader[JMS Connection-com.zyrion.traverse.component.NetVigilComponentReloader]: (ERROR\) Failed to connect to JMS service: Cannot send, channel has already failed: /
2016-12-22 18:11:52,096 o.a.a.b.T.Transport[ActiveMQ NIO Worker]: (INFO \) Transport failed: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host



  • Review the network path to ensure that all network packets that are sent by DGE(x) are received by the BVE server.




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