Receiving Alerts during Scheduled Maintenance


Receiving Alerts for a device that are under Scheduled Maintenance


During a Scheduled Maintenance, test results are no longer polled and alerts should also be suspended. If you receive an alert for a suspended device during the Maintenance window, please confirm the below. If this does not help resolve the issue, please create a new support ticket attaching all of the below:


a) Audit.log                 (On the BVE <TraverseHome>\logs\webapp\audit.log)

    - when was schedule maintenace configured/updated
    - when was device added to scheduled maintenance
    - any changes related to associated action profiles?

b) Scheduled Maintenance Start email

     Confirm that all the expected devices are listed and the start time is correct.

c) Scheduled Maintenance Finished email

     Confirm that the end time is correct.

d) The Action Profile test alert email you unexpectedly received

     Confirm that the device for this test is included in the Scheduled Maintenance.

e) Screenshot of the Action Profile assigned to that test

f)  Screenshot of the Scheduled Maintenance configuration

g) Screenshot of the device in Scheduled Maintenance

h) Screenshot of test applied to action profile

i) Action.log                

(On the monitoring/upstream DGE '<TraverseHome>\logs\monitor\action.log')

j) Run a Threshold Violation report for the test completely

covering the time span of the Scheduled Maintenance

Reports >> Custom >> Threshold Violation History

k) Logs of the monitoring DGEX/DGE.

The connection to the provisioning database may have dropped.

     If the device was properly suspended, all results for the Scheduled Maintenance period should also be suspended. Polling should resume after the Maintenance is complete. If the results weren't suspended, then the device was never properly suspended in the first place.


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