BMS (v5.16.0) - 5 Nov 2022

The BMS (v5.16.0) release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

IT Glue Embedded Checklists   

IT Glue embedded checklists can now be found directly in BMS tickets, making it easier than ever to close tickets efficiently and accurately, every single time. By following an IT Glue checklist template, you can  rest assured that even the most complicated tickets will be taken care of, without missing any crucial steps. View and check IT Glue checklist steps in the same window as a BMS ticket to avoid tool switching and reducing ticket resolution time. Find the detailed guide here.


Email Templates 

As part of a reformatting process, inline styles have been removed and provision for applying CSS has been created.

Logging of Resetting Password and Login Block 

Whenever a password is reset from the login page, employee profile, or from CRM Contacts page and whenever a login is blocked after multiple failed attempts, logs are created under System Logs to mark the event with relevant information.

System Logs - No More Deletion of Logs

Admins or anybody else cannot delete logs anymore. Data retention for data audit has been changed to one year now.


Client Portal

Fixed: When a workflow was created so as to be triggered when a client portal creates a ticket, it did not work as expected. The status of the ticket was not updated and the workflow was not triggered while in the audit it was displayed as triggered. 

System Logs

Fixed: No logs were added when deleting an unknown ticket.


Fixed: CRM alerts created under CRM > Accounts > Alerts were shown differently in New and Legacy Views.

Service Desk

Fixed: An error used to appear when creating a new view and reselecting it.

Client Portal

Fixed: Views that are shared from Client Portal user would show in Technician Portal.

Client Portal

Fixed: Client Portal users were previously able to share views with technicians from legacy ticket.

Service Desk

Fixed: When assigning a ticket in the parent tenant, user used to get an error message which said, "Sequence contains no matching element." 


Fixed: API V1 was previously not using Default Contract to be sent in the payload of the ticket. 

BMS-QuickBooks Online Integration

Fixed: When an invoice was exported from BMS to QuickBooks Online, the service name used to change. 


Fixed: When an employee submitted timesheet on behalf of another, the approval route considered the second employee instead of the original employee. 


Fixed: Workflow did not get triggered by employee when the API employee interacted with the ticket. 

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