BMS (v5.27.0) - 18 Nov 2023

This release includes a new feature, enhancements, and fixes.

New Feature

Batch Generation of Invoices     

In Finance > Invoices, a Generate Invoices button has been introduced. This will generate invoices in batch. Clicking the button opens a dialog box which shows all invoices with "New" status. It shows 20 invoices per page. You can select the invoices in the page and generate them in batch, one page at a time. After successful generation of invoices, the generated invoices will show "Ready to Send" status. For more information, see Batch generation of invoices



Change of Text under Special Features    

The previous text under Admin > Security > Roles > Service Desk > Special Features "Restrict Based on Queue Access" has been changed to "Enable Ticket Visibility for Merged/Absorbed Tickets Based on Queue." 

API v2

  • GET V2/admin/workflows/{workflowId}
    • Gets workflow by ID 
  • PUT /v2/system/customfields/data/{moduleId}/{entityId}/{customFieldId}
    • Updates the custom field's data in BMS depending on the moduleId, entityId, and CustomFieldId   


My Templates

Fixed: When removing column "type," from Home > My Templates, an error 500 was shown. 

API v2

Fixed: /v2/project/tasks/searchselect did not work when project number or name filters were passed alone. Account ID had to be used all the time.   


Fixed: Time entry was running automatically even after closing the ticket in BMS.      


Fixed: Total price in quotes were displayed incorrectly. Total price in quote listing was taking the value of the subtotal in the quote details.  

Billing Automation

Fixed: The user had created an automation with a specific class type, but the automation was hitting multiple accounts without that class type. The filter was not working with the classes. 


Fixed: When generating invoices for sales orders, the purchase order populated multiple invoices while it should have ideally populated only the invoice related to the sales order that had the purchase order. 

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