BMS (v5.31.0) - 16 Mar 2024

This release includes new features and fixes.

New Features

Metrics Reporting from BMS to myITprocess 

This new feature subtly sends ticket related data from BMS to myITprocess and such data becomes part of the Integrated Executive Summary Reporting feature in myITprocess which allows to simplify the quarterly business review (QBR) process and easily deliver high-level reports to clients. For more information, see Integrated Executive Summary Reporting

JIT User Deprovisioning (KaseyaOne) 

Automatic user deprovisioning is now possible where customers can deactivate a user in KaseyaOne or remove their access to a module via Access Groups and have that same action apply within BMS and Vorex. 

Integrated Service Ticketing with VSA

With VSA 10's new ticketing module, VSA 10 has improved the ticketing process, as technicians can manage tickets within the same tool they will use to identify and fix the issue. With the BMS-VSA 10 integration in place, a technician who uses VSA 10 can access ticketing from either the VSA 10 web application or the VSA 10 mobile application. Here, users can view, create, update and monitor the real-time status of tickets that are being resolved using any device of their choice. For more information, see Scroll down to the section called Integrated service ticketing with BMS/Vorex.

New Online Help System  

The Knowledge Base link under the Help section on the top right now invokes a new online Help system which is actually a group of revamped existing KB articles in a new format. The old Knowledge Base link is still available as an independent link outside the application. This link will be available for some more time - However, you are encouraged to visit and explore our new online Help system. This will be revamped further in the future. The features of the new online Help system are as follows:

  • Easy search and appropriately related results 
  • Ability to navigate back and forth through the browsing history
  • Ability to expand and contract accordion-like elements in the Help system
  • Ability to navigate from one topic to any other topic in the entire system with ease
  • Appealing and aesthetic




Fixed: When a new note was added under Project > Tasks > Notes, the note date did not show the user's time zone. 


Fixed: When attempting to add a related ticket, searching for a ticket with ticket number that contained an underscore failed to retrieve the relevant ticket.       


Fixed: When two users simultaneously updated a required custom field of type data list in Ticket (New View), it was causing the ticket edit action to be blocked and a message which said, "Required custom fields must be filled out" was displayed in the ticket. 


Fixed: When a company switched the language from English to any other language, the Reports > Service Desk page was not opening. It used to display error 500.     

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