Vorex (v5.30.0) - 17 Feb 2024

This release includes some enhancements and fixes.


Project Module  

  • Blocked Status: "Blocked" has been added as a task status within the Project module. 
  • Time Entries Beyond Planned End Date: You can now add time entries to a task even if the planned end date is past. 
  • Lead Engineer as a Dropdown Option: Lead Engineer has been added as a drop-down option within the Project module while creating a new project. Additionally, you can also search the projects listed by Lead Engineer. 
  • Gantt Chart: In Tasks, the Gantt chart can now be exported as a PDF document.

API v2      

POST /v2/admin/workflows 

  • Allows you to create a new workflow



Fixed: When adding a note to the project task, the GMT time was applied instead of the local time of the employee to whom it was assigned. 


Fixed: In Finance > Billing while filtering account tax agency when you type the word 'tax' and hit the space button, the space was not registered. Instead, the first account was selected.  


Fixed: When a timesheet was submitted for approval, the time reflected on the approval history action and the actual time were different. There was a difference of four hours from the actual time zone of the user. 


Fixed: The Submit button was missing in the "To-Do" feature in the Home tab of the Chrome mobile browser of the user. There was only a Next button. 

Vorex-QuickBooks Integration, Vorex-Xero Integration

Fixed: Vorex was allowing the user to import payments into Vorex against invoices that were voided in Vorex. 

API v2

Fixed: When attempting to utilize the API v2 to post a contact summary, the system encountered internal server error.  


Fixed: When user logged in with KaseyaOne and clicked the KaseyaOne launcher button, the font of the widgets were not displayed. 

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