BMS (v5.29.0) - 20 Jan 2024

This release includes some enhancements and fixes.


KaseyaOne RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) 

  • Security Role field in Employee Defaults Form: The Security Role field in Employee Defaults form has been restored, and a toggle button has been added above the mappings table.  
  • Auto-filling Order Table: In Access Group Mapping page > when Add Access Group is clicked, the order field with the next available unused index is automatically populated. Previously, it used to use '1' as a placeholder. 

For more information, see KaseyaOne RBAC.

Google SSO Modification      

The Google SSO no longer uses username and SPID parameter in the redirect URL. Users can seamlessly authenticate without these now. For more information, see section titled Custom SAML Login Endpoint URL of SSO with Google Workspace.

Refreshed Look and Feel       

The refreshed common look and feel styling that was applied earlier to Service Desk module has now been applied to Reports module. 



Fixed: A Javascript error used to appear when trying to add a contact from an unknown ticket. 


Fixed: When the user clicked the URL in the email containing details of an unknown ticket, BMS displayed an error in the Ticket page instead of opening the ticket in edit mode. 


Fixed: The mandatory Custom Field in the ticket did not work in new view after a ticket was created through email parser. 


Fixed: In Service Desk > Create Ticket, hardware asset ID was not returned in response when creating a ticket through API v1. 

Ticket (New View)

Fixed: In new view ticket, the Delete action button used to show in Expenses and Charges when user had read-only access. 

Ticket (New View)

Fixed: The RMM Integration section in tickets was not populating information in the new view. 

Hardware Assets

Fixed: When saving a hardware asset, the Created On date was added based on the server time zone and not based on UTC. 

Billing Automation

Fixed: In Billing Automation, an error was displayed when generating the invoice. This error message contained the following typo: Faield to Creata Invoice Details. Invoice Number: Inv_926.     


Fixed: In Inventory > Fulfillment > Deliver Product Charges > Delivery Info > Outside Stock tab, the spelling on the tab for Outside was written as "Outisde."        

BMS-QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Fixed: When imported to BMS, the payment type "check" in QuickBooks Desktop changed to "Other."   

Outbound Email 

Fixed: The outbound emails failed due to the following specific error: "The specified string is not in the form required for a subject." 

Dispatch Calendar

Fixed: The Refresh button did not work on the Dispatch Calendar. When the user added a service call on any ticket and clicked Refresh in Dispatch Calendar, the newly added service call did not show. 

Dispatch Calendar

Fixed: After filtering the tickets by ticket owner and saving it as a view, when the same view was opened in Dispatch Calendar, error 500 was displayed. 

Email Parser

Fixed: Ticket note added by a contact via email parser was showing under a different name in the UI.  

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